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Sold at Auction: Joshua Reynolds

Alias:Joshua Reynolds
PainterPorträtmalerMiniature painterFlower painter


Sir Joshua Reynolds' artwork is often recognized for its bold strokes and multiple thick layers of paint (impasto) that create an almost 3D effect on the canvas. Sir Joshua Reynolds' paintings were, in part, inspired by the works of 16th century Renaissance painters. Due to his ability to reflect realistic movement and emotion in his paintings, Sir Joshua Reynolds was among the most sought-after portrait artists of the 18th century.

Though King George III didn’t care for his art, and he was not popular with the monarchy, Reynolds became the first president of the Royal Academy in 1768 and received a knighthood. Much of Sir Joshua Reynolds' self-portraiture in the 1760s, during his classic period, was created with hard lines and lacks the warmth of his other works. You can find other interesting antique portrait paintings for sale at online auction.
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