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Artist Anne Worsham Richardson, born in South Carolina in 1922, was a notable naturalist and prolific animal painter. As a lifelong resident of South Carolina, Richardson developed a love of the state's fauna and began concentrating her artwork on birds. Eventually, Richardson and her husband opened the Birds I View Gallery in Charleston, a space to display Anne Worsham Richardson's paintings for sale. Enthusiastic patrons of her work included President Reagan, Carter, and Ford.

In addition to her work as an artist, Anne Worsham Richardson established a bird sanctuary where she simultaneously rehabilitated injured birds and used them as models for her work. Her hope as a conservationist and artist was to engender respect for all life. Though she passed away in 2012, signed prints by Anne Worsham Richardson continue to appreciate in value. Striking animal prints for sale at Invaluable let bird-watchers put their passion on display.
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