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Sold at Auction: Michael Ricker

Alias:Michael Anthony Ricker


American sculptor Michael Ricker learned the art of molding and casting pewter from his father-in-law. The most famous Michael Ricker sculpture is a large scale model of a 19th century town entitled Park City: America Remembered, done in pewter for President Gerald Ford in 1986. Park City is a 30 x 10 foot piece that is located, along with many figural Michael Ricker artworks, at one of several Ricker galleries.

After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City, Michael Ricker's sculptures of fire fighters, police officers, and the Statue of Liberty saw an increase in sales. Michael Ricker figurines for sale also include those of young children, and he often donated figures to benefit children’s charities. Browse other intricately designed figural sculptures for sale online and purchase a stunning piece for your office or gallery.
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