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Sold at Auction: Lucie Rie

Alias:Dame Lucie Rie


Lucie Rie was an Austrian artist, born in Vienna in 1902, who immigrated to Britain in 1938. Rie was an influential and internationally famous creator of ceramic art during the 20th century. Rie learned from Michael Powlony during her studies in Vienna at the Kunstgewerbeschule. Before arriving in London, Lucie Rie was already an award-winning artist in Europe. 

During and after World War II, she opened a ceramics and pottery and button-making business and workshop in London that employed many refugees. Rie taught at Camberwell School of Art for a few years, during which she was given an honorary doctorate from the Royal College of Art in 1969. You can find her ceramic art for sale internationally, as she kept creating until her health declined in 1990. Bring new texture and dimension to your living space with alluring and intriguing ceramic and pottery art for sale at online auction.
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