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Sold at Auction: Jean Paul Riopelle

Alias:Jean Paul Riopelle
Clay/tone sculptorPainterWater color painterLithographerCollage ArtistSculptor


Canadian artist Jean Paul Riopelle was an abstract expressionist who studied art in Montreal before moving to Paris in 1947. In 1954, he exhibited his triptych piece Pavane at the Venice Biennale, and it garnered international success. In 1962, he was awarded the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. He moved back to Canada in 1990, and began painting abstract interpretations of nature.

Jean Paul Riopelle prints, reproduced from his mosaic-like watercolors and oil paintings of wildlife, made his work available to the masses. Jean Paul Riopelle paintings for sale now span multiple forms of media. He expanded his artistic reach by including ink, chalk, crayon, and even sculpting to his portfolio. There are also several incredible, limited edition Jean Paul Riopelle prints due to the artist's mastery of lithography. Challenge your view of the world from a theoretical perspective by browsing thought-provoking abstract prints online.
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