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Jose Ignacio Sanchez Rius, better known as Josignacio, is a contemporary Cuban artist who is associated with neo-figurative and abstract painting.

Born in Havana, Cuba, on October 24, 1963, he has resided in the USA since 1989. Josignacio is one of the artists of the controversial "La Generacion de los 80" (The 80's Generation), which includes José Bedia Valdés, Humberto Castro, Rubén Torres Llorca, and Tomás Sánchez, among others. Some of his artwork is currently available on display at the Laura Brunetti Art Gallery located in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida as well as online at artnet.

In 1984, he created The Plastic Paint Medium, a technique consisting of the use of epoxy resins as an "agglutinating medium" and "pigments" as colorants, obtaining a real plastic finish with a new visual effect.

Josignacio currently resides in Miami Beach, Florida.
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