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Sold at Auction: Featherstone Robson

Landscape painter


Artist Featherstone Robson was born in 1880 in Hexam, England. His artwork includes pastoral scenes, seascapes, cathedrals in England, and portrait paintings. Featherstone Robson's drawings and watercolors capture scenes of an era that no longer exists, freezing it forever in time. Artist Featherstone's etchings for sale were meticulously mass-produced so that the public could see places that they might not ever visit. Soon after the First World War, a series of Featherstone Robson's pastoral scenes, landscapes, and architectural pieces from around the United Kingdom were commissioned and reproduced as prints for sale to the British public, making art available to the masses. Choose your own detailed etching print online or at auction from world-renowned or little-known artists to brighten up your home or work place.
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