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Sold at Auction: Trisha Romance

Alias:Patricia Romance


Trisha Romance, born in New York in 1951, created art from a young age before developing a corneal ulcer that threatened her eyesight. Although it was corrected, this scare inspired a lifetime of watercolor prints by Trisha Romance, which captured the evanescent moments of her immediate surroundings. From the austere landscapes of Sweden where she lived after college to the historic farmhouses of her adoptive Canadian home, Trisha Romance's paintings chronicle her life and travels. Romance even developed a strategy called mental imprinting to recollect and paint these fleeting memories.   

Trisha Romance's prints showcase her technical skill, but they also epitomize the four cornerstones that give her watercolors emotional resonance: love, magic, awe, and truth. Indeed, people bought out Trisha Romance's artwork for sale so quickly that she eventually created limited edition prints of her most popular pieces. Collectors can find heartwarming and idyllic family-friendly watercolor paintings for sale at Invaluable.
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