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Artist Christine Rosamond Presco, who typically signs her work as Rosamond, was born in California in 1947. She created legendary paintings but rose to fame with her lithographs, where she came into her own as an artist. Christine Rosamond initially created with a view to merchandising, but believing her work to be undervalued, began to focus on deepening the focus of her art.

The sales of Rosamond prints soared when she started working for gallery owner Jack Solomon. Her work was much sought-after even during her own life time, and at one point, Rosamond's paintings were so popular that her sales eclipsed even those of Salvador Dali. A tragic drowning accident in 1994 cut short the life of this talented artist, but her body of work is still substantial and significant. Bring character to your home with vibrant contemporary lithographs for sale at auction.
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