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Roseanne Brown Petyarre


Alias: Roseanne Brown Petyarre

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Roseanne is an up and coming artist born C1992 and currently lives in Alice Springs painting the rock holes of the Northern Territory.

Dreaming stories across Australia show the connection of ancestral beings to cultural stories related to water sources. Many such stories highlight the role of spirits in creating sources of water—rivers, creeks, rock wells, lakes, lagoons, seas and springs—and the ongoing supply and control of these watercourses by ancestral spirits and creation beings.

Key features of traditional knowledge about locating and using water include oral instruction, mapping of water sources and setting up markers and identifiers such as scar trees and artwork in the environment. These markers also served as signposts by which Aboriginal peoples understood and recognized the custodianship of the water source and the rights and responsibilities of visitors to these sites. In some areas, artwork and carvings on trees that were thousands of years old pointed the way to water sources that were difficult to find.

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