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Rosie Nanyuma


Rosie Nanyuma - Born: c. 1935 Location: Pakar, Stansmore Ranges Language: Kukatja Skin: Napurrula Rosie Nanyuma

Rosie grew up at the old mission at Tjalyiwarn, spending time at Mintirr Rockhole with other local family groups to give them some independence from the mission. While at the mission, Rosie worked with the children in the kindergarten. She also worked for Lake Stretch Station near Kururrungku (Billiluna) trapping dingo pups, killing and skinning them in exchange for food.

Rosie has custodial duties for women’s law and ceremony. She began painting in 1989 and her work has been exhibited widely across Australia and overseas. The main themes in her work are: Travelling Tingari women;
Tingari men; and Wati Kutjarra two men dancing.

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