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Sold at Auction: Ernest Christian Rost

Alias:Ernest Charles Rost


Born in Mt. Vernon, NY, after the Civil War, artist Ernest Christian Rost was a successful 19th and 20th century painter, etcher, and photographer. By his late teens, several of Ernest Christian Rost's paintings, in the form of oil landscapes, were on display at the National Academy of Design. However, by the 1890s he shifted completely to etching as his primary artwork focus. Many of his etchings created between 1891 and 1896 are held at the Library of Congress.

Most of Rost's landscape paintings for sale depicted rural landscapes throughout New York, but they also featured people, animals, and homes of notable individuals of the era. Following the start of the Spanish-American War, artist Ernest Christian Rost was sent to Panama, Puerto Rico, and several other countries to photograph the events for the U.S. War Department. His photos can be found in the National Archives. Select other breathtaking landscape paintings offered through Invaluable, and satisfy your hunger for the great outdoors.
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