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Sold at Auction: Georges (1871) Rouault

Alias:Georges (1871) RouaultGeorges Henri Rouault
PainterDraft draughtsman


Artist Georges Rouault, born in Paris in 1871, studied alongside famous artists like Henri Matisse and Albert Marquet, in classes taught at the École des Beaux-Arts under Symbolist painter Gustave Moreau. A large portion of painter Georges Rouault's work focuses on portraits, religious scenes, and still lifes. Influenced by the artist's strong faith as a Roman Catholic, many Georges Rouault figural paintings for sale feature either Jesus or the immorality of the Parisian court. 

Artist Georges Rouault underwent several artistic shifts throughout his career, the first being a move away from academic styles in favor of a combination of Expressionism and Fauvism. The second stylistic change began when Rouault started using oil more than watercolor, choosing to paint in thick layers, with colors and lines that echoed stained glass. Discover new artists by browsing the many evocative figural paintings for sale online and at auction.
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