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Sold at Auction: Jamini Roy

Alias:Jamini Ranjan Roy


Born in India in 1887, artist Jamini Roy stuck to his Indian folk-art roots at a time when Modern Art was the craze among artists in India. Though he trained under Abanindranath Tagore, a famous modern artist, Roy chose not to westernize his artwork. Using pigments he created with mud chalk and flowers instead of using European paints, Roy wanted to adhere to traditional Indian techniques. Jamini Roy's art prints are colorful renderings of rural life, ordinary people, and religious figures. The government of India honored artist Jamini Roy, his paintings in London and New York galleries confirming his quiet prestige. Age, size, and availability are all crucial to determining a Jamini Roy painting's price. Still, Roy tried to make his art accessible to everyone, so there are many affordable, high-quality prints in circulation. Find your next cultural treasure among eye-catching folk art paintings at Invaluable, and bring your space to life.
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