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Sold at Auction: Peter Paul Rubens

Alias:P. P. RubensPedro Pablo RubensPedro Pablo RúbensPeter Paul RubensPietro Paolo Rubens


Petrus Paulus Rubens was a man and an artist full of contradictions. Flemish by birth, he served 17th century monarchs from both British and Spanish courts as a painter and diplomat. Petrus Paulus Rubens' paintings often reflected his Catholic leanings and his humanitarian upbringing.

Hallmarks of Petrus Paulus Rubens' artwork include complex figure groupings and working on large pieces. The term Rubenesque developed from his depictions of fleshy, curvaceous women. Roman Catholic churches, as well as many members of Europe's royalty, commissioned Petrus Paulus Rubens' paintings.

Like other artists of his time, Petrus Paulus Rubens' drawings were preparatory work for his paintings. They cover a wide variety of subjects, including adult nobles, children, animals, and landscapes. Their richness and attention to detail make them works of art in their own right. Consider some of the many fine portrait paintings for sale or at auction to add to your art display.
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