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Sold at Auction: Robert M Rucker

Alias:Robert Malcolm Rucker


Valued for their depictions of a socially and ecologically changing Mississippi Delta and southern Louisiana countryside during the mid-20th century, Robert Rucker's paintings hold an important place historically. The New Orleans native opened his first art gallery in the French Quarter at 16. A year later, he was struck with polio, which led to the Louisiana Department of Education granting him five years of study at the John McCrady School of Art as part of his rehabilitation.

Robert Rucker's paintings also feature various interpretations of steamboats; he had personal experience of the vessels because a number of his male relatives were steamboat captains. In the 1970s and 1980s, he turned to Impressionist interpretations of landscapes. Robert Rucker's prints and art work for sale remain popular and much sought after by collectors. Find a selection of Southern landscape paintings for sale and at auction at Invaluable.
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