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b. 1952 -

Ginny Ruffner (born 1952) is a pioneering American glass artist based in Seattle, Washington. She is known for her use of the lampworking (or flameworking) technique and for her use of borosilicate glass in her painted glass sculptures.

Many of her ideas begin with drawings. Her works also include pop-up books, large-scale public art, and augmented reality.

Ruffner was named a Master of the Medium by the James Renwick Alliance in 2007. Ruffner was elected as a Fellow of the American Craft Council in 2010. She received The Glass Art Society's Lifetime Award in 2019.

She married Charles Emory Nail in 1975, divorced in 1980, and married Robert Edward Ruffner later that year.

Entering her thirties, Ginny Ruffner scored high enough on an IQ test to be accepted to Mensa and Intertel, two high-IQ societies.

In 1991, Ruffner was involved in a life-threatening three-car collision. She was in a coma for five weeks. When she finally recovered consciousness, she could not speak, walk, or remember that she was an artist. Doctors doubted that she would walk or talk again. But after a year of extensive physical, speech, and vision therapy, Ruffner was able to return to work. She credits her recovery to being "stubborn and bullheaded".[3] She spent the next five years in a wheelchair, but eventually was able to walk again. The accident left her with speech and mobility issues. She rediscovered her own work, in part through the book Why Not?: The Art of Ginny Ruffner (1995) and then revisioned it, juxtaposing materials in ways that balanced "beauty with danger".

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