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Charles Marion Russell Art for Sale at Auction

Painter, Sculptor, Illustrator, b. 1864 - d. 1926

Artist Charles Marion Russell was a painter and sculptor of romantic images of the Wild West in the days of the dime-store Western novel. His best-known works include watercolors and oils of scenes of cowboys, lawmen, and Native Americans. As an artist, Charles Marion Russell is known for elevating American Indian women to a level of dignity that matched the hard work they undertook.

Charles Marion Russell's prints of his genre paintings show his unique eye for the old West. His brushstrokes are rough and quick without sacrificing accuracy of form and stylistic detail. His characters are the focal point of his work, displayed in vivid colors of dress and trappings against broad vistas of pastel-color skies, plains, or mountains.

Charles Marion Russell's artwork includes depictions of Wild West posses and desperadoes, American Indian forays, cowboy calf-roping, and mountain trackers. Look for other yesteryear genre prints for sale at Invaluable.

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