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Gyorgy Ruttkay (1898-1975)

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  • Ruttkay György (Vágsellye, 1898 - Miskolc, 1975) - Miner, 1959

  • Artiste, 1937

  • RUTTKAY, GYÖRGY (Vàgsellye 1898 - 1974 Miskolc).

Gyorgy Ruttkay Biography

George Ruttkay ( Sala , 1898 . December 5 - Miskolc , 1974 . July 10 ), a lawyer, Miskolc painter .

George Ruttkay early talent for drawing came to the surface, high school age have been steadily drawn. In 1914 the first drawings were collected album, the theme of the surrounding landscape, Beckó castle, but a lot of sad drawing made of the First World War returning injured soldiers, soldier horses as well. Her talent in 1918 Kassák was discovered by his counsel appeared in 1920, the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts . Oscar Glatz , Louis herds and in 1922 he graduated as a student of Eugene Chr. Interest was diversified, while in architectural and sculptural studies. In 1922 he studied at the Berlin Academy (Rheimann-school). The Soviet-Russian art exhibition got acquainted with the Russian avant-garde with , Tatlin and Malevich aspirations, and came into contact with the Sturmmal . The works of this time was characterized by the use of squares and the diagonal layout.

In 1926 he earned law degree, and then Gönc , Szikszó and Kassa worked as a lawyer. At that time, he married Nyíry Lili sculptor who was the second wife. In addition to the legal operation of SECC (Annunciation) painted on the church gönci (István Dienes, Szabados, Jeno Varga and Bela Tomory Aladar co-operation). In 1939 he became a member and then chairman of the Košice was Kazinczy Company's fine arts department. 1945 Szeged was a university professor, and in 1950 in Miskolc moved. From that point he had only lived in the fine arts. Special style painted akvarellképeit because otherwise the ink used, as was customary in the case of aqueous inks. He created between 1958 and 1963 Dante -Series, consisting of 99 watercolors. More writing appeared: Social Administration (Kassa, 1943), Benczúr (Kassa, 1944), Ezerarcú Miskolc (Borsod Review, Miskolc, 1965). My, between 1918-1945 picturesque life, more important events of his life written by an activist painting titled Confessions. George Ruttkay the European avant-garde characteristics absorbed into her own style so that his oeuvre could still be special and individual. He died in 1974 in Miskolc.

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