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Sold at Auction: Kiyoshi Saito

Alias:Kiyoshi SaitôKiyoshi Saito
Wood cutterPainter


Artist Kiyoshi Saito was a notable member of the Japanese Sosaku Hanga movement, which stated that art must begin and end with self-expression. In keeping with this philosophy, Kiyoshi Saito's woodblock prints are handmade and his paints self-mixed. He studied this technique over many years while he worked as a sign painter and in a newspaper office. Saito came to the world's attention in 1951 at the Sao Paulo Art Biennial, when one of his woodcuttings received a prestigious prize. After this, Kiyoshi Saito's artwork for sale began to draw great attention from collectors worldwide.

A culturally reverent artist, Kiyoshi Saito paints in a style that represents scenes from Japanese life in a flattened perspective, which is rich in contrast and filled with societal references. As his career progressed, his works became more stylized, drawing from Western influences and implementing modern techniques to forge a unique vision. Find many such abstract prints for sale online at Invaluable.
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