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Artist Porfirio Salinas created impressionistic landscapes of beautiful Texas Hill Country, developing his style over years of association with fellow Texas artists and nature-walks through Texas landscapes. Salinas was exposed to art through his employment at a local art supply store, where a chance encounter with Robert William Wood led to a position as the elder artist's studio assistant. Salinas studied the work of Woods and others in the local community, at times joining Woods and Jose Arpa on inspirational nature-walks through Texas hills and scrubland.

Under the promotion of a local art dealer, Porfirio Salinas' paintings began to sell to wealthy Texan patrons and politicians. His clientele grew to include Lyndon Johnson, then Representative of Texas. Johnson often referred to the painter as his favorite artist; throughout Johnson's term, Salinas' work adorned the foyers of the White House. This public endorsement led to great popularity and acclaim. Capture the raw beauty of Mother Nature or the exotic beauty of a far-flung place with antique or contemporary landscape paintings from Invaluable.
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