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The sculptor Victor Salmones was born in Mexico City in 1937 to parents of Spanish ancestry. His father came to Mexico from Spain in the early thirties. His mother was Spanish by heritage and Mexican by birth. His father died when Victor was young, so the boy began working part time to help support his family. In high school Victor found his talent and love for sculpture while modeling clay. He took as many classes in that school and later at the Universidad de las Americas as possible. This gave him a chance to find work in the commercial world of advertising in 1956. This made it possible for him to save money to the Instituto de Bellas Artes in 1962. There he met and was encouraged by the Bauhaus master Hoffman who offered him an apprenticeship. This led Victor to open his own sculpture workshop in Cuernavaca in 1966. A year later he won a first prize for his sculpture of “Adam” at the Biennale Exposition of the National Museum of Modern Art. Other prizes followed as he continued to produce bronzes and place them in public and private collections around the world. His untimely death in 1989 cut short his career. But his bronzes carry his legacy and are eagerly collected by admirers of his figural sculpture.
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