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Sold at Auction: Sherry Salari Sander

Alias:Sherry Salari-Sander


Sherry Salari-Sander (American, b.1941). Sherry Salari Sander is an impressionist sculpture artist whose subjects tend toward the wildlife of her native Montana. Originally a painter, Salari Sander has traveled the world multiple times, with animals from her tours in Alaska and Africa often becoming subjects of her sculptures. Salari Sander is considered one of the premier western artists working today. She has won several honors from the North American Sculpture Exhibition, the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, and the National Sculpture Society. She was the first woman to ever win a gold medal from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Salari Sander’s command of her medium is evident. Her pieces bristle with movement and life. As such, many of her sculptures are a favorite of zoos and wildlife museums all over the US. This includes the Denver Zoo, the Oklahoma Zoo, the National Wildlife Art Museum, and the High Desert Museum.
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