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Mandy Sandulovici (1932-2004)

Aliases: Mandy Sand

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  • Mandy Sand - Wood Bowman, Oil on Canvas Mounted on Board, 1985.

  • Mandy Sand (1932-2004) - Wood Fiddler, Oil on Canvas Mounted on Board, 1984.

  • Mandy Sand, 1932-2004

  • Mandy Sand, 1932-2004

Mandy Sandulovici Biography

Mandy Sand was born in Bucharest in November 1932 as Mandy Sandulovici.
At the age of 27 Mandy studied Arts in Bucharest, his home city, and met with the classic works of art found in local museums.
In 1964 he graduated his art studies , and started painting figurative-decorative style. At that year he immigrated to Israel to start a new life.
He experiments with the figurative artistic style in his early works, yet seeking to express in a unique way his fruitful imagination, as that was the essence being of his work.
After years of hard work, after 1970, he developed his own technique and style and begins to sign his work as Mandy Sand (formerly Sandulovici)
Sand’s artwork is influenced by Medieval and Renaissance art, an influence that is deeply enhanced in his work. He expresses himself in an imaginary art style, combined with the fantastic realism of Surrealism. His admiration to the Flemish painters Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel the Elder and to the brilliant contemporary artist, Salvador Dali, has been a source of inspiration for him.
Mandy Sand’s primary subconscious sketching eventually emerged into works of rich, expressive, and colourful objects which became valuable jewels. There are many similarities strange characters never met before, things that do not exist, fictional landscapes, all these help him to create a complex world in which he feels comfortable. His art is not quite "avant-garde" or "contemporary"; he is guided by aesthetics, mystery and fascination that leads his work beyond comprehension.
His motive and purpose is solely to create art for the sake of Art
Mandy was a perfectionist that practiced high quality diverse art techniques, mastering oil painting, engraving (burning deep, aqua Tinth, combining different materials), oil pastel, installations of cardboard, a combination of mechanisms of musical instruments in the drawings, assemblies of various objects, digital art computer including a combination object scans, photographs and computer work.
In his latter years he enriched his repertoire with sculpturing out of copper tins. Mandy was active and creative up to his last days, struggling with the side effects of his cancer disease, until he could not use his right arm because of elbow metastasis, which broke his spirit. Despite his deteriorating health condition he continued to create computerized art as long as he could.
Mandy deceased in December 2004 at the age of 72, in Netanya , Israel.

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