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Born in Santa Cruz, Manila in 1928, artist Mauro Malang Santos is best known for creating the popular comic strips Beelzebub and Kosme, the Cop, Retired. Forgoing a formal education in art after one semester, the artist went to work for a newspaper, apprenticing under cartoonist Liborio Gatbonton. Mauro Malang Santos' paintings were first shown, solo, at an exhibition in 1962. Two years later, the Society of Philippine Illustrators and Cartoonists made him Artist of the Year.

Later in his career, Santos expanded his interest in art. Cubism and abstract-modern portraits became the style and subject of Mauro Malang Santos paintings in the early 90s. Images of expressive female figures in poor parts of the Philippines, highlighted by ragged yet traditional clothing, were key features in Mauro Malang Santos' artwork. Bring a gorgeous beauty into your gallery by browsing arresting portrait paintings online at Invaluable.
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