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Allen Sapp was a Canadian Cree painter who was born in 1928. His mother died while he was young, so his grandmother, who features in many of Allen Sapp's paintings, raised him. His art expresses a sensitivity and vulnerability that is unique, especially for an artist during the 20th century. His career developed when he began selling his paintings to Allan Gonor, the doctor who was caring for Sapp's wife when she was extremely ill.

Allen Sapp gained popularity as his distinctive style of painting scenes from the perspective of a child made a wonderful impression on the world of art. Allen Sapp's paintings portray scenes from his childhood growing up on the reservations. The value of Allen Sapp's artwork continues to rise as his work becomes iconic. Today, Allen Sapp's prints are coveted around the world, and collectors can find realistic acrylic paintings for sale from artists of any culture at Invaluable.
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