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Sold at Auction: John Singer Sargent

Alias:John-Singer Sargent
PainterLithographerPorträtmalerGenre PainterLandscape painterWater colorist


John Singer Sargent was a prolific artist active in the late 19th and early 20th century. John Singer Sargent's paintings are noteworthy for their range of styles. Part of the reason for his wide-ranging talent was his exposure to many cultures and mentors. Born in 1856 to American parents living in Florence, Italy, he studied under tutors in Europe and the UK.

Sargent circulated in the highest strata of European social society for 40 years, producing hundreds of portraits for the social elite. Sargent's portraits are notable for capturing the glamor and elegant bearing of his subjects in a bold and lifelike style. Later in life, John Singer Sargent's paintings included murals and landscapes in both oil and watercolor. John Singer Sargent drawings are renowned for bold strokes capturing life and movement. Many collections worldwide feature his and other portrait paintings for sale.
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