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Sold at Auction: Arthur Sarnoff

Alias:Arthur Sarnoff


Arthur Sarnoff developed a career as an Illustrator and painter. Much of Arthur Sarnoff's art reflected American culture and everyday living. He studied at the Grand Central Art School of New York City. After he graduated, Arthur Sarnoff's art was used by well-known advertisers, including Listerine, Coors, and Lucky Strike.

In the 1930s, prints of Arthur Sarnoff's paintings were published as illustrations in popular national magazines such as Cosmopolitan, McCall's, and Redbook, and his pin-up images of women sold well during that era. His use of bold color and confident brushwork are very obvious in some of his Norman-Rockwell-type paintings of families and children. View a diverse selection of oil paintings for sale online and at auction to fit a thematic-inspired room.
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