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Jenny Saville's prints generally feature portraits of female nudes, often obese and displaying expressions of pain. Having graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 1992, Saville exhibited in many prominent galleries, including the Saatchi Gallery and the Royal Academy, both in London, UK. Jenny Saville's paintings make a stand against the fantasy image of female beauty in society. 

Jenny Saville's artwork takes inspiration from Freud. She paints large oil paintings and also uses charcoal and pastel to draw people from her everyday observations and travels, exaggerating and focusing in on the shape of the flesh. 

Due to their often controversial nature, Jenny Saville's prints are highly sought after and include limited editions such as The Voice of the Shuttle (Philomena). If you're looking to add striking, original pieces like this to your collection, you'll find unique portrait paintings for sale at auction through Invaluable.
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