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Sold at Auction: Max Savy

Landscape painter


Artist Max Savy painted scenes of everyday life in the French Corbieres region, which garnered much success during his life. Though the artist remained silent about his early life, it's known his father instilled in him a belief in the humanist socialism philosophy of French Socialist Party leader, Jean Jaures. In 1938, at age 20, he moved to Carcassonne to attend school. There, he married and settled into a teaching position, joining the French Resistance during World War II and earning the Cross of the Combatant.

After the war, he created the work for which he is most admired. Max Savy paintings are part of France's heritage collection, and the artist became a knight of the National Order of Merit in 1973. Some of Max Savy's paintings and artwork for sale include scenes of peasants in the fields. View vintage oil paintings for sale at auction or on Invaluable to find your next artwork piece.
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