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Sold at Auction: Hugh Sawrey

Alias:Hugh David Sawrey


Artist Hugh Sawrey taught himself to paint and draw during the Great Depression, while he was traveling for work. Born in Queensland in 1919, he moved to Brisbane in 1964 to become a full-time artist. Hugh Sawrey's original paintings for sale often depict the landscape of Australia and the people. He painted the historical changes that were taking place in his country throughout the 20th century.

Artist Hugh Sawrey founded the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame in Longreach, Queensland. He created multiple murals in several businesses that he frequented in Brisbane and during his travels, such local pubs. Hugh Sawrey's painting prices can vary depending on the quality, quantity available, and size of his pieces. Satisfy your fascination for history by purchasing impressive genre paintings for sale online to add to your growing gallery.
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