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b. 1938 -

Artist Joe Scarborough, born in 1938, worked as a coal miner until the contrast between the dark mines and the above-ground light inspired him to paint. Disillusioned with the mines, in 1968, he turned to menial jobs as a laborer and gardener. He kept his dream of being a painter alive, though. He regularly filled a handcart with his humorous oil paintings depicting everyday life in his hometown of Sheffield, and using his natural charisma, he sold them in the local pubs.

As artist Joe Scarborough's popularity grew, he held a two-year-long one-man show at the Attic Cafe near Sheffield's bus station that led to shows across England and the U.S. His work is now in major collections, and many of Joe Scarborough's paintings vibrantly colored narratives with their beloved humorous images have been imprinted. Find entertaining and humorous oil paintings for sale online that will bring a smile to your guests.

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