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Austrian painter Egon Schiele, born in 1890, was known for his explicitly sexual and sometimes macabre paintings. Egon Schiele's paintings, both modeled and self-portraiture, were erotic, and he often drew his subjects in revealing poses. Drawings by Egon Schiele highlighted his graphic style by focusing on the contours and unconventional beauty of his subjects. His goal was to show the inner psyche of his subjects through his paintings, showcasing their scars and imperfections in a raw way.

Egon Schiele's artwork displayed a lack of secondary attributes, adding to the psychological aspect of his pieces and creating room for viewers to develop their own ideas. Expressionist Egon Schiele's paintings showed increased maturity after he got married in 1915, at which point he began leaning more toward realism. Browse other nude paintings for sale online and pick out the next figural piece for your gallery.
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