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(born Stromstad, Sweden 1908; died 1971) Swedish painter. Inge Schioler studied art at the Valand Academy in Goteborg under the tutelage of Tor Bjurstrom. His father, a botanist, influenced the subjects of Schioler’s works by sparking an interest in plants and the natural world. In the 1930s he traveled to Spain and France and lived in Stockholm where he struggled to live with little money, but was able to exhibit works during this period. In 1933 he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and spent the best of 27 years at St. Jorgen’s Hospital. During a period of nine years he completely lost interest in painting, but eventually picked up it again, with a renewed vibrancy. Along with his hometown of Stromstad, Schioler’s primary inspiration for painting was the islands of Koster, where he painted his famed seascapes. Schioler was a member of the Goteborg Colorists along with others including Ragnar Sandberg, Ivan Ivarson, and Nils Nilsson. Although they never exhibited together under that name, they became known as the Goteborg Colorists since they all graduated from the Valand Academy during the same period and their styles exhibit a heightened use of color. Schioler achieved success quite early on and is regarded as one of Sweden’s best landscape painters for his rich colors and bold brushwork.
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