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Charles Schulz (1922-2000) is the creator of Peanuts, the comic strip that includes drawings of Snoopy, one of the most famous imaginary dogs in the world. As a child, Schulz loved reading the Sunday funnies and dreamed of being a cartoonist himself. After completing a correspondence course through the Federal School of Applied Cartooning, Schulz set about realizing his dream, selling cartoon drawings to The Saturday Evening Post and publishing the series Li’l Folks.

In 1950, the first Peanuts comic strip appeared. Charles Schulz used many of his own life experiences in the strip, bringing life to characters like Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, and Snoopy. Artist Schulz announced his retirement in 1999 after 50 years of Snoopy drawings. The Peanuts legacy continues today, with movies, books, and Snoopy posters for sale worldwide. Broaden your collection by viewing other classic pencil drawings for sale online at Invaluable
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