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Landscape painterIllustrator


Artist Davis Francis Schwartz began his art career as an illustrator at the end of the 19th century, working first for a Cleveland newspaper before moving west and joining the Los Angeles Times. Born in Kentucky, Schwartz studied at the Art Institute of Chicago as well as other Ohio area schools before studying in Montreal under Adam Sherriff Scott, a multi-media artist. Painter Davis Francis Schwartz worked in watercolors and oils, and his colorful but muted landscapes captured California's early 20th century unspoiled scenery, especially the San Francisco area. He was named Davis Francis Schwartz, artist for the State Board of Harbor Commissioners. Despite and because of the artist's illustrator experience, Davis Francis Schwartz landscapes for sale show detail yet offer an Impressionistic feel, evident in his depictions of Spanish missions, coastal areas, and mountain scenes. Wander through various other vintage landscape paintings for sale online at Invaluable.
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