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Sold at Auction: Peter Scott

Alias:Peter Markham Scott
PainterBird painterIllustrator


Peter Scott was a British painter, conservationist, and ornithologist and also the son of the great Antarctic adventurer, Captain Robert Falcon Scott. He made a name for himself as a conservationist and painter after having studied at Cambridge University, and he was the founder of the Severn Wildlife Trust. Scott was captivated by wild birds, which became a focus for his artwork.

Scott published his book Travel Diaries of a Naturalist in 1983, and it included many of his sketches and paintings from his travels around the world. Collectors know that Peter Scott's paintings for sale are accurate representations of wild fowl because whenever he was in the field, he immediately sketched and jotted down notes of what he saw. Create your own eclectic art collection by viewing other paintings on offer online and at auction through Invaluable.
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