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Sold at Auction: William (1913) Scott

Alias:William (1913) ScottWilliam George Scott
PainterIllustratorStill life painter


Artist William Scott, born in Scotland in 1913, was an abstract artist whose paintings exhibited these characteristics while often retaining enough form to be recognizable. Scott believed the subjects of his painting were, in themselves, unimportant, merely forming the basis of a picture that represented space, form, and color. Painter William Scott studied at the Belfast School of Art and the London Royal Academy of Art. Thereafter, he lived and worked in various locations including Cornwall, Pont-Aven, Dublin, and London.

Artist Scott's work was greatly influenced by the geometric style of Swiss painter Paul Klee, and the stylistic representations of French artist Georges Braque. William Scott abstract paintings for sale include his well-known artworks of pots and pans, figural representations of people, as well as completely abstract paintings. Brighten your workplace with vintage and modern abstract paintings for sale at Invaluable.
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