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Sean Scully, an abstract Expressionist artist, was born in Ireland in 1945. Raised and educated in England, Scully studied painting at the Croydon College of Art for three years and Newcastle University for an additional four. In 1975, his hard work was rewarded with a Harkness Fellowship, and he emigrated to New York City. During this time, drawings by Sean Scully showcased depth and dimension using complex, interwoven lines. Tape and spray paint made the lines of Sean Scully's artwork crisp and saturated. He would later abandon this aesthetic in favor of subdued hues and hand-drawn lines. 

Despite the change in composition, Sean Scully's drawings continued to focus on geometric structures, expanding to form multi-paneled pieces. Already considered classics of contemporary art, Sean Scully's paintings for sale command impressive sums. Get friends talking by purchasing attention-grabbing abstract drawings online from galleries and at auction.
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