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Sold at Auction: Yang Shaobin

Alias:Shao-pin YangShaobin Yang


Yang Shao Bin was born in 1963 in Tangshan, Heibei Province, China. In 1983 he graduated from the Polytechnical University, Hebei, and in 1991 he moved to the artist village at Yuanmingyuan, Beijing. Finally, in 1995 he settled at Tonxian, a suburb of Beijing.Yang's work has been exhibited in a wide variety of solo and group exhibitions at numerous international galleries and museums. His works are also included in many prestigious private collections including those of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (USA), Modern Art Center (Milano, Italy), Graz Museum (Austria), Raum fur kunst und Musik Dusseldorf (Germany), and the Cartier foundation (France).Yang Shaobin is one of China's most famous Contemporary Oil Painters. Together with Fang Lijun And Yue Minjun he is a leading figure in the movement known as Cynical Realism. He belongs to the generation which represents the roots of Chinese experimental art. (Courtesy of Contemporary Chinese Art-Artist)
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