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Self-taught Folk Artist Sharon Eyres has been painting primitive folk art and selling her work since March of 2002. Often putting in seven days a week, she'll start on a painting very early in the morning, which is her best time. She admits to enjoying the solitude of painting and by the end of day an image will have formed. She makes no preliminary sketches or drawings, embarking as if on a visual journey whose final destination is unknown. There is hardly a straight line; in that the way the buildings roll with the hills is very dreamlike. An admirer of The Group of Seven, Chagall and Grandma Moses, Sharon has, nevertheless, created her own unique visual vocabulary. Her paintings can be viewed on several levels, and while we may at first be drawn to the simplicity of the drawing and the richness of colour, the more discerning viewer will appreciate her naive sense of composition. She has a sense of humour and there is a fluidity that shows confidence and a sincere style.
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