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Alias:Warren SheppardWarren W. Sheppard
Naval painterIllustrator


(b Greenwich, New Jersey 1859; d Brooklyn, New York 1937) American painter. As a young man Warren Sheppard learned the art of painting under the supervision of the artist Mauritz Fredrick de Haas as well as through his studies at Cooper Union. From a young age Sheppard was highly interested in naval life, and aside from painting he designed yachts and wrote two books on the subject of ocean navigation. Sheppard was asked to illustrate many newspapers due to his ability to accurately capture the most minute of shipping and boating detail. In 1874 he began to exhibit his work at the Brooklyn Art Association. From 1880 until 1899, Sheppard exhibited at the Brooklyn Academy of the Arts in New York. In 1884 Sheppard was awarded a gold medal at the Denver Exposition.
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