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Sold at Auction: Daniel Sherrin

Alias:Daniel Sherrin
Landscape painter


Artist Daniel Sherrin was an English landscape painter who started his career painting maritime scenes of clippers and sailing vessels on the high seas. His paintings, largely oils on canvas, often served as illustrations for books, and during WW I he designed recruiting posters for Kitchener's Army.

As an artist, Daniel Sherrin moved from Realism in his maritime paintings to a more Impressionist style in his landscapes. Daniel Sherrin's paintings of landscapes are notable for their high level of detail created with short brush strokes and their defined depth perspective. Gorgeous, many-shaded pastel backgrounds contrast against foregrounds in earthen greens and browns.

Sherrin's work hangs in many British museums, including the Bury Art Museum and the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum in Claughton. Daniel Sherrin's artwork for sale comprises many of his signed landscapes. View other collectible landscape paintings on auction at Invaluable and build your personal art display.
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