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Sold at Auction: Tokoo (1913) Shinoda

Alias:Masuko ShinodaTōkōo ShinodaTōkōo (1913) Shinoda TôkôToko ShinodaToko (1912) ShinodaShinoda Toko


Born in 1913, Japanese artist Toko Shinoda is known for her calligraphy and sumi ink paintings and prints. Actively generating art when past the age of 100, she uses techniques learned from her father and honed throughout her lifetime. Toko Shinoda's prints combine ancient Japanese art forms with modern abstract art to create imagery inspired by the natural world.

In the 1960s, she began producing lithograph prints, many of them limited edition series, which form the main part of Toko Shinodo's art for sale. From the time of her first exhibition in 1936, Toko Shinoda's prints have been seen all over the world, including in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the Hague National Museum. Fans of unique prints sold online at galleries and auction can find pieces for their collections by browsing Invaluable.
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