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Born: June 1, 1965 Male E7-2195
Resides: Cape Dorset

Simeonie Alariaq was born on January 1, 1965. He resides in Cape Dorset, on Lower Baffin Island. This community boasts more artists per capita than any other region in Northwest Territories. Simeonie's parents, Adamie and Nakasuk, and his brothers Novoalia and Timmoon, are also carvers .

Attachie learned to carve from his parents at a very young age. He is a very talented and productive artists. His favourite subject matter are Arctic animals, and he is able to capture their movement and vitality as he sees them first hand. His sculpture is realistic, but sometimes shows an affinity for decorative stylization.

Attachie carves in serpentine, a very hard metamorphic rock indigenous to Baffin Island, with a composition similar to jade. This stone varies in colour from light green to dark brown or black, due to inclusion of different minerals, and takes a brilliant natural polish.

Updated Apr. 1998

January - February 1989 The Art of the Eskimo
Newman Galleries
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
November - December 1995
Inuit Galerie
Mannheim, Germany

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