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Artist Alfred Sisley was born in Paris to wealthy parents in 1839, and pursued art from an early age. When the Franco-German war devastated his family, Sisley continued to paint, even though this chosen career frequently left him impoverished. Along with his French compatriots Monet and Renoir, Sisley spearheaded the Impressionist movement. Indeed, he is remembered today as one of the fathers of Impressionism, despite contemporaries criticizing Alfred Sisley's artwork for the very qualities that would eventually make it famous.

Alfred Sisley's prints feature the loose brushstrokes and muted colors representative of Impressionism. However, as an artist, Alfred Sisley shunned the modernity other Impressionists depicted, painting landscapes almost exclusively. Though Sisley didn't enjoy popular success in his lifetime, his posthumous renown makes his oil paintings of great worth today. Browse dreamy landscape paintings at Invaluable and bring tranquility to your space.
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