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Sigurd Skou (New York, Norwegian, 1875 - 1929)
Born in Oslo, Norway, Skou was a student of Anders Zorn in Stockholm and Christian Krolig in Paris. Early in the century, he immigrated to the U.S. where he first settled in New York. While there he closely identified with the local art scene, becoming a member of the Allied Artists of America, the New York Watercolor Club, the American Watercolor Club, the Salmagundi Club and the Boston Art Club. He was also a founding member of the Grand Central Art Galleries.
Moving on to Chicago in 1918, he found employment as an illustrator and became a participant in local exhibitions; in particular the Norwegian-American exhibitions of 1922, 1923 and 1926. He also participated in exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the National Academy of Design. Numerous award included the gold medal at the Norse Centennial in St. Paul in 1924, the Foster prize at the Salmagundi Club in 1926 and the Allied Artists of America gold medal that same year.
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