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Sold at Auction: Eric Sloane

Landscape painter


Artist Eric Sloane was an American-born painter who began his foray into the art world by painting old-script German signs in Pennsylvania as a youth. Eric Sloane's paintings became popular after Amelia Earhart bought his first cloudscape showing the view from an airplane. His work often featured signs, bridges, and airplanes, and Eric Sloane's art for sale was distinctive for his dry-brush painting technique where he wiped the brush after each stroke.

As a writer and artist, Eric Sloane published many books during his career, including the autobiographical book I Remember America that contained illustrations and sketches from the different phases of his career. Visitors to the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum can view one of his biggest pieces of work, an enormous skyscape. Shop Invaluable to find interesting oil paintings on offer at auction.
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