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Artist Harry Somers is known for his post-impressionist art and for being a holocaust survivor. Somers escaped Nazi Germany as a teenager and joined the Australian Army when he was 20. In the army, Somers was first introduced to the art of painting by a fellow soldier. He later moved to the U.S. and began his formal career as a painter. He painted thousands of works of art, and much of Harry Somers' artwork is for sale online.

Throughout his life, Somers used painting as a therapy that helped him deal with the horrors of the holocaust. Harry Somers' paintings are typically of landscapes worked in the pointillism technique with vibrant colors and showcasing the natural beauty of the earth. Paintings by Harry Somers were often donated to worthy causes in line with his philosophy of forgiveness and giving back to society. Find poignant Impressionist paintings for sale to add character to your living space.
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