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Born in Japan in 1947, artist Hajime Sorayama is best known for his futuristic, sexually charged female robots and pin-up illustrations. Though his sci-fi and erotic style focuses on the female body, Sorayama's illustrations maintain realistic human features despite his being called a hyper-realist by admirers. He often completes his illustrations with detailing that requires small paint brushes or air brushes.

One of artist Hajime Sorayama's most popular creations is the design for AIBO, Sony's working robot dog. Hajime Sorayama's figural prints for sale include illustrations and designs done for Playboy, Disney, Pepsi, HBO, and several comic book, anime, and manga publications. He also worked on the motion picture adaptation of the comic book Spawn, in 1997. Find artwork that speaks to your concept of beauty by viewing quirky, contemporary figural prints for sale online.

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